Lightweight Data Warehouse Automation Utility

Rapidly load, store, stage and model your data


5 Star Rating

5 Star Rating


'Load From Anywhere' icon

Load From Anywhere
Data can be imported from flat files, JSON, XML and database systems, with automated inference of data types.

'Change Track & Store' icon

Change Track & Store
Automated creation of long-term change tracked datastores for incoming data

'Transform and Export' icon

Transform and Export
Rapidly build out data models on top of datastores with stage table creation wizardry; export the data in any shape to any file type or data connection.

'Built-in Scheduler' icon

Built-in Scheduler
Automate loads, storage, modelling and exports with the built-in scheduler.

'Consistent Deployments' icon

Consistent Deployments
Controlled Build-Test-Release lifecycle built-in.

'Document Your Data' icon

Document Your Data
Built-in data lineage - track forwards and backwards to identify upstream sources and downstream dependencies. GDPR ready.

'Custom Sources' icon

Custom Sources
No connector? No problem! Write C# to perform custom loads, functions and transformations.

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