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Rapidly load, store, stage and model your data

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'Load From Anywhere' icon

Load From Anywhere
Data can be imported from flat files, JSON, XML and database systems, with automated inference of data types.

'Change Track & Store' icon

Change Track & Store
Automated creation of long-term change tracked datastores for incoming data

'Transform and Export' icon

Transform and Export
Rapidly build out data models on top of datastores with stage table creation wizardry; export the data in any shape to any file type or data connection.

'Built-in Scheduler' icon

Built-in Scheduler
Automate loads, storage, modelling and exports with the built-in scheduler.

'Consistent Deployments' icon

Consistent Deployments
Controlled Build-Test-Release lifecycle built-in.

'Document Your Data' icon

Document Your Data
Built-in data lineage - track forwards and backwards to identify upstream sources and downstream dependencies. GDPR ready.

GPL Parcel Sorter

Real-time tracking data for parcel sorter

"The parcel sorter project has been a huge strategic initiative for us and working with Cortex has really helped us deliver. It's great to work with a trusted and experienced local team, using software that was built here in Guernsey."

Neil Pailing, Head of IT at Guernsey Post

Bragi is a Cortex product

Cortex is a Guernsey software and data company, established in 2018. Founders Matt Thornton and Marc Beavan have over 25 years of experience in IT consultancy, product development and bespoke software development. Cortex has a suite of software products and builds software in local and global environments, like the Simultaneous Electronic Voting system for The States of Guernsey.

Matt and Marc

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